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Time Has A Place For Me is my latest album, a live studio recording I did in a bombed-out, derelict warehouse in Bratislava, Slovakia with an incredible band in October, 2015. Behind an unmarked loading bay door, a hidden gem: an old school analogue recording studio with a superb improv jam band I saw only once in a small club the week before. A match made in heaven.

"The first time I heard Time Has A Place for Me, I was mesmerized.... I turned the lights off, and for an hour entered a dark and dreamy place, like an opium den journey. Ellsworth Rosser's voice is soothing, sexy...hypnotic really...he's at some new frontier in laid back vocals. His lyrics tell stories of intensity that are softened by late night guitars and keyboards that flow together like a dark river.

This record is like dessert... something to put on after dinner in front of a fire, or in the summer at night with the windows open..."    - Santa Fe Review

Man of Style, is my first solo album, recorded on 2" analogue in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I get in touch with my "inner outlaw":
Sex, drugs, guns and stories. Sure, it's a bit "macho". It's the Wild West for a reason.

Cool Billy was created in a funky little studio on a speck of an island in Bermuda. Gale force winds, driving rain and me in a small boat with my stratocaster in a plastic bag, hoping to make the sessions or be lost at sea.










Dreams in the Amber Room is a late night collection of ballads that I wrote with vocalist Sara K in mind. She is one of the finest artists I have ever had the privilege of working with, and my songs are infused with her jazz and blues soul.This is a lush analogue studio production with gospel singers and my slide guitar.









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